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Content Creation Services by MasterMind Content


Creative content designed to make a difference


Every piece of content should serve a purpose. Our content creation services are structured into your digital marketing strategy to guide visitors along the purchasing path from wherever they are in the customer journey.

We appreciate you have a limit on spending and a timeline to achieve your targets so provide flexible content creation services that allow you to structure a marketing plan that will meet your business goals without compromising your budget. 

Not only that, but our wide variety of content options enable you to connect with people on whatever platform they are using and drive traffic through multiple channels. Here’s a full list of the content creation services we offer.

Let’s start with Copywriting

Powerful copywriting evokes emotion and compels people to take action. When good copy pulls the heart strings of your customers, their head tells them to open their purse strings. Ultimately, we write copy that sells.

Then of course there’s Blog Content

Our variety of versatile and highly digestible content drives traffic, retains readers, positions you as an expert in your field, boosts search engines rankings, creates leads and improves conversions. A blog is your life blood.

You definitely need Branded Content

Branding is the voice and personality of your business that connects with customers on an emotional level. This is how you project your business ideas and core values to attract the right audience and build a loyal customer base.

You will also need Landing Pages

Whether you are promoting specific products and services or need specially designed landing pages for PPC campaigns, our expertly crafted ad content shines with eye-catching graphic designs and stylishly polished copy.

We also recommend Outreach/Earned Media

Contributing to third party sites makes THE biggest statement that you are an authority in your field and exposes your brand image to a broader audience. When your customers trust you, search engines trust you.

And let’s not forget Lead Generation 

Our effective lead generation strategies are designed to offer collect valuable consumer data, help customers make a decision and provide valuable advice that warms people to your brand and choose you over your competitors.

Generate leads through Video Content

Video ads are one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing. Readily viewed on mobile phones, promotional videos offer convenient access to content and make people pulse with emotion. We can write the scripts and organise the filming. Audio scripts also available.

Promote your brand in Newsletters

Establishing solid lines of communication is key and newsletters are a great media to promote your brand story and give your customers an insight to you and your business. By keeping people informed you build emotional bonds that strengthen brand loyalty. 

Impress readers with infographs

The human brain responds to images more than the written word and infographs are a great way to impart knowledge through intelligent design. They add a different dynamic to page content and explain key elements of the topic in easy-to-grasp bite-size pieces. 

Target Mobile users with Memes

People on the go want access to relevant information and inspirational content they can easily digest during a commute. Memes are easy to access on mobiles and gives you a visual platform for your marketing message.

Or why not publish eBooks

If you really want to be acknowledged as an authority in your industry, the in-depth information required to publish an eBook proves you are an expert in your field, improves brand awareness and gives you a product you can offer as a gift to promote your service and generate leads or sell to increase revenue.

And we shouldn't forget offline marketing

Although consumers delve into online resources, the bigger picture of the business world is offline in the physical world. Hard copy marketing materials such as brochures, leaflets, letters, flyers and posters still have their place in advertising.



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