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The building blocks of consumer trust

Your website is wasted without a blog

There is little point having a website if you don’t add blog content on a regular basis. Visitors do not miraculously land on your website so unless you are visible in search engines and social media platforms your online store is dormant. And whilst you are sleeping your rivals are serving people that should probably be your customers. Blogs capture your audience and by publishing high-end content, browsers become buyers and shoppers become loyal customers.

Websites that maintain a blog rank higher in search results and attract more customers because people trust brands that publish fresh content. It proves you are a legitimate business and you are committed to promoting your brand online.

The ultimate benefits of keeping a blog are to drive traffic to your website, increase visibility in search engines, promote your goods and services and tell your brand story to customers. Blogs are a platform that enable you to connect with customers and compel them to take action.

We devise a blog content strategy that replicates an e-magazine and is designed to engage a variety of readers in order to improve search engine rankings.  The more visitors that engage with your content the higher you rank.

And you don’t always have to publish content enticing customers – you can build a readership of people that are interested in the subject and use your blog as a valuable source of information.

We publish blog content on social media networks to drive traffic. If you produce great content that is enjoyable to read and provides ‘value’, readers are more likely to come back. And some readers become customers.

We put ‘value’ in inverted commas just there because it’s a word we borrowed from Google. It’s not our word. It’s a typical corporate word that sounds sophisticated, but could mean anything.

In this case, Google mean ‘something.’ That’s our word. Publish content that offers something of value to your readers; entertainment, information, intrigue, excitement, reassurance – anything so long as it’s something. Every piece of content should serve a purpose.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy and although it takes time before you start seeing the benefits of keeping a blog, it is worth persisting because blogs


How many times have you heard that one? Yes, we know it’s an old chestnut, but blogs are good for SEO when they properly maintained with high-quality and varied content.

This is why MasterMind Content use writers that are specialists in the field and publish a wide variety of content styles which includes images, news, top-tips, short articles targeting mobile users and in-depth articles that are favoured by search engines.

Our blog content strategies focus on end-users; what are looking for and when are they looking. If you have blog content that specifically targets mobile users, you will receive more traffic from mobile users and drive them to the pages you want them to go.

Current digital marketing trends focus on finding the right people, at the right time on the right device, and blog content is central to communicating with your audience. And if you don’t have a blog, you don’t have a platform where people can see you.

And blog content does not always have to target customers. You should writer for a readership. By publishing a wide variety of content you will attract a bigger audience and climb search engines quicker. Our content strategy intends to make you the


Have you noticed the internet generation has been motivated to feel that sharing is caring? That includes sharing knowledge too, and the web is a great resource for finding information.

So if you have a website, be a part of the online community and share your knowledge. It will reflect better on your business if you do – marks you out as an expert in your chosen industry.

And people trust brands with authority. So do search engines.

Blogs give you the opportunity to raise awareness about your products and services and wrap them in different coating. Providing you don’t publish content that is a pushy sales pitch, readers will warm to your brand.

People return to blogs they enjoyed reading. And consumers buy from companies they trust.

So if you are in a specialist profession, write content for your fellow professionals and be the go-to blog for your industry. Once you get into conversation with others in your field, you further enhance your reputation as an expert.

In addition, we offer to manage your blog and load content onto your website. This service includes sourcing royalty free images from our image bank together with free stock photo sharing sites.

Blogs are at the heart of SEO and if you are not utilising a blogging platform as part of your digital marketing strategy, you are doing your online business an injustice. We should talk more.

If you are not already maintaining a blog you should be


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