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Professional Copywriting Services by MasterMind Content


Professional copywriters produce words that convince

Why should you hire a professional copywriting service?

Sales copy for the modern business should be fresh, well-written and entertaining to read. The words should have a rhythm that flows naturally across the page and is easy for end-users to take in. But we appreciate rhythmic writing does not come naturally to everyone. And writing copy that sells is an entirely different gig. So you might want to invest in professional copywriting services that can make a product page sing.

The words on your website sell your products and services, so should communicate with your audience in a voice they trust. Modern consumers are not interested in stiff corporate spiel; nobody’s buying that shit anymore. Most of the time it doesn’t even make sense.

Fortunately for you, we’ve got this idea: to provide forward-thinking copywriting services that communicate to online audiences in a natural voice they understand and enjoy reading.

First of all, you need a brand personality with a voice that people will listen to. The voice you choose will obviously depend on the nature of your business and should be appropriate for the audience you are communicating with. When you need to be sincere, be empathetic. If you are a professional, show-off your knowledge. If you can be normal, be humorous.

As a general rule, our copywriting is warmer than the usual business jargon. We still use all the right words in the right places, but talk in a natural language as though we are actually like, having a conversation with the reader. And that is our approach to


Have you ever noticed when you’re reading copy on a website, or content on a blog,  you’re reading and all you hear is a monotone voice in your head using all this fancy language that doesn’t make sense? So then you have to read it again.

That’s a bind isn’t it? That is not good user-experience, as we say in the digital marketing community. The problem I find with a lot of content on the net is the tone is flat, the language is hard and you feel like you’re smashing your head against concrete.

Okay, that might just be me.

But you know what I mean. Fancy corporate crap may make you sound all professional and intelligent in the boardroom, but using words that are perceived to appear sophisticated do not communicate well.

When you’re writing for an online audience, you have to be succinct with your message and explain things in clear and simple English. It’s far more professional. Flowery language is just pretentious. And amateur. If readers haven’t got a clue what you’re banging on about, they leave your website – fact of life.

Another fact of life: they don’t come back. To improve conversions on your online store, what you need is


I don’t know about you, but I get the impression that a lot of writers don’t really know how to write. It’s not something we learned at school – which is why so many blogs read like essays written by people with no formal education on the topic matter.

That’s because most copywriters don’t have a formal education on the topic matter; they no jack-all about your business, products and services. Sometimes they may not even know anything about your industry.

At MasterMind Content, we do our best to assign you with a qualified writer. We can’t always guarantee that, but we have most of the ballpark covered. And our skilled writers lie to take a modern, edgy approach because we know


Consumers want to be entertained, informed, excited, intrigued, reassured, and many other emotions. But most of all they want to have a sense of security. Online shoppers want to be able to buy with confidence when shopping online.

You will know this feeling yourself. The first time you ever buy anything online from a new brand, you are never 100% certain your purchase will arrive. Or whether you’ll get a good service.

Well, most other people feel that way too. It’s your job as a business owner to reassure your customers that you are a reputable brand they can rely on. And it is the job of a professional copywriting service to find the words and the voice to ensure your products are appealing.

It is often the case there is no connection between buyer and seller, not like the experiemce you have when you walk into an actual physical business or shop. The human element is missing. And this is the missing link we provide with our


Does your copy talk to readers in a voice they trust? Does it add value to the shopping experience of visitors? Is it selling your products? We’re guessing not otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page.

Our feeling is that sales copy for modern websites should read like you’re having a conversation. It should have personality that reflects you brand and people understand. If customers like reading your content, they are more likely to explore your online store.

And consumers are pretty loyal to brands they trust and feel an emotional connection with. They will buy from you, and – if the service is good – they will keep coming back.

You should cherish your tribe. Let them know you are there for them whenever they need you. In the meantime, give them something to read that entertains them. You can’t always be interesting, but you can be enjoyable.

So give visitors information they need to know – and throw in some offers they can’t refuse for good measure. When you communicate in a warm, friendly manner, you increase your chances of connecting with people on the other side of the screen.

So how did this feel for you?

If you feel the personal approach will work for your website, or even if you just want the corporate spiel to be bit more edgy and creative, give us a tinkle. There’s a contact form you can use below.

And hey, thanks for taking the time to read this. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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