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Build relationships with customers

Newsletters offer a behind-the-scenes view

Newsletters provide a solution to enhance your brand reputation and generate leads in the process. Online marketing requires brands to reveal your identity, ethics and philosophies.  Newsletters are an ideal media that can be used to keep customers informed about what you are doing, what you plan to do and who is doing what. Give people information about your brand they can relate to and you strengthen emotional bonds. And because you despatch them in an email, newsletters always reach your target audience.

Newsletters epitomise the relationship between consumers and brands in the modern age. If consumers are to stay loyal to a brand they trust, they want to receive a service that makes them feel as though you care. And people are quite happy to build a relationship with a company.

In the digital age it is far too easy for online businesses to hide behind a website. If the majority or all your business is conducted online, you are dealing with strangers that do not know who you are or what you look like.

It is therefore more difficult to build a rapport. Essentially, people want to know who they are dealing with. And newsletters give brands the opportunity to introduce their staff and keep customers informed about what you are doing. And this is vital information when


Businesses cannot survive without a loyal base of repeat buyers. It is less expensive to keep new customers that it is to attract new ones. Loyal customers are a brands bread and butter and have the potential to refer other paying customers to you.

Newsletters are a tool that can be used to promote your products simply by raising awareness of them. They can also act as reminders that your customers need to take action and buy something. How many times do you forget to buy something you need? Well, so does everybody else.

But the real strength of newsletters is their ability to build lasting relationships. Strengthening bonds with loyal customers encourages them to take more of an interest in your brand – and possibly increase thier spending. You can also use newsletters to raise


Although brands should be very careful about using newsletters to directly sell a product, they are a powerful tool for increasing customer awareness about a product.

If you have new merchandise in production, or planning to offer a new service, you can use your email newsletters to promote your product before the launch and create a buzz.

Brands can also embed promotional videos and audio files in newsletters that provide your customers with even more information about your product. A video showing various ways to use your products and highlighting the benefits for example.

You can practically include anything you want in a newsletter, and a cost-effective method of putting an edition together is to recycle blog content and condense newsworthy items into easily digested articles.

Strengthen Bonds With Your Customer and Create a newsletter today


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