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Video Content by MasterMind Content


The most powerful digital marketing tool on the web

Video content is a people-puller

Video content is the fastest growing marketing tool on the web right now. And for good reason. It is easily accessible across all devices, takes little brain power to digest, stays in the memory and can be highly persuasive. According to studies, search engines say video attracts more clicks and a high percentage of consumers confirm they purchased a product after watching a promotional video ad. If you’re not already including promotional video ads in your digital marketing strategy you could be losing out – because if you’re competitors are using video content, they are already ahead.

Internet users consume video content more than any other online media. The statistics for the positive effects of video go through the roof in just about every category.

It shouldn’t really be all that surprising that video content performs so well online. People are accustomed to watching TV, and even traditional television shows are being watched online at a growing rate.

Video content has all the hallmarks of a persuasive online marketing tool because it connects with viewers on an emotional level. Psychologists believe video ads that feature humans have a greater chance of connecting with consumers and establishing trust and enhancing your


Creating a professionally made promotional video is a signal of success and ambition. Brands that can boast video content as part of their digital marketing arsenal have more firepower to expand brand recognition.

Video ads also enable you to get “in sync” with your viewers and appeal to their sensibilities and emotions through visual communication. Furthermore, various surveys show that between 70%-90% of consumers say that video ads help them make a purchasing decision.

And the statistics make sense. It is far easier to watch a video than any other media as it requires less brain power, and there is no better means to communicate what a product does than demonstrating how it works or having customers explain why your product is worth buying.

Video content is the Ace in your marketing deck. With search engines looking to partner brands that engage internet users, the ability to retain the attention of viewers gives you the power to enhance your


Because video content is easily consumable, the number of searches for video related content is increasing. Search engines include video ads in their search results and Google says video links have a higher-click rate than any other online media.

Furthermore, you can post video across multiple platforms including YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing sites together as a standard practice in your social media news feeds and on your website.

MasterMind Content have experience writing scripts for commercial adverts, stage, TV and radio, and with an experienced and professional film crew on-board, we have everything you need to promote your brand through video content.

With a creative team at your fingertips, you can really get excited about seeing your brand brought to life in a promotional video ad, and we are confident our video content will help raise awareness of your brand and increase your conversion rate.

Expand your brand with our video content


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