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Visual Content by MasterMind Content


Powerful images communicate


Visual content plays a significant role in digital marketing. Not only do high-quality images have the aesthetic appeal to attract end-users and keep readers on the page, they also subtlety communicate with the human subconscious and are easier for the brain to recall than any other form of advertising media. Our talented team of graphic designers and content providers produce a wide variety of visual content that attracts attention, gets your marketing message across and sticks in the memory.

Graphic design and visual content are central to the success of any marketing campaign. The artwork in web content and offline advertising apparel, communicates to the audience within seconds. First impressions count. And they last.

Studies in psychology, science and neurology show that images help people decode information. And because visuals are easier to recall, striking visual content increases the likelihood that an image will be associated with your brand.

It is believed that 90% of the information processed by the human brain is visual, and because images provoke emotions, they play a powerful role when expressing your brand identity.

High-quality designs inspire the imagination and enhance creative thinking which ultimately results in a deeper understanding of the material being presented. They also help keep visitors on your website and


Some of the metrics search engines use to rank websites include the amount of time people spend on a page and exploring your website. When visitors do engage with your content and navigate to other pages, it is a good indication to search engines that you are publishing high-quality content and providing a good user-experience.

As a result, your trust and authority scores are rewarded with a higher rank. Not only that, but you can optimise images with keywords that help search engines identify the type of content on a page and appropriately index the page against related keyword searches.

MasterMind Content produce a wide variety of visual content for websites, blog posts, social media, mobile marketing, brochures, flyers and more. Our talented team of graphic designers and photographers create custom images that are exclusive to you. We also have a growing library of stock photographs that are not available to your competitors like the free stock images available on sites in the public domain.

Furthermore, we produce design-driven content to add variety and imagery to your blog and social media accounts. This strategy plays on the concept of magazine layouts and gives your marketing platforms an image-driven appeal which is user-friendly and enhances


There are more people accessing the internet on mobile phones than desktop PC’s. That means content has to be succinct and user-friendly on small screens.

Visual content such as meme’s, infographs and promotional videos are preferred by mobile users as they are easy to digest. Mobile users on the go are more likely to consume an image-based article over a blog which is text heavy.

There are many ways to produce visual content to enhance your pubic platforms and marketing material. MasterMind Content use the following methods:

  • Creative commons images
  • Original photos
  • Graphs
  • Infographs
  • Charts
  • Videos
  • Slideshares
  • Screenshots

Using images for digital marketing content is a given and our visual content services go one step further. We produce design-driven content that target mobile users whilst also adding variety to blog content and websites.

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