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Earned Media Services by MasterMind Content


Connect with publishers and influencers


Proving you are an expert in your field builds higher levels of trust and authority with consumers and search engines. We have a small team of specialist writers and contacts with a world of journalists and influencers that can help raise to expand your online profile. Together with other guest blogging opportunities we will promote your brand to a wider audience and enhance your online credibility.

The goal of search engines is to deliver websites to end-users that answer their query and provide a thumbs up-smiley-love heart user-experience. To determine which websites are producing top-quality content and a UX worth sharing, they use certain metrics.

One such measure is to listen to what other internet user have to say. If publishers, editors and influencers find your content worthy enough to publish on their websites and industry magazines, search engines can confidently rank your url higher in search results.

Our earned media services jump on opportunities with third party websites to publish content on high-authority domains that have a strong following and pubish guest posts on related websites. By opening up to wider audiences you will improve traffic, trust, authority and


The more people see your brand logo, the more they remember your company, products and services. And eventually your name sticks. When readers recognise your brand name appearing in earned media content, they are more inclined to look into your business credentials and explore your website.

Furthermore, some businesses have the opportunity to have their brand name published in mainstream media and high-authority online publications that receive a lot of traffic. Branded links can squeeze a lot of juice out into your online store.

Our network of journalists and team of specialist writers provide potential opportunities for brands they feel justify a mention. MasterMind Content can help you build an online presence that establishes you as an expert in your field and raises your


Contributing to industry magazines reaches a wider audience and helps to spread your brand name in numerous platforms around internet. These websites get picked up by other writers that link to the host site and open you up to their audience.

Not only can inbound links direct more traffic to your website, they are also highly regarded by search engines as it is an strong indication that you have trust and authority and are publishing noteworthy content. As a consequence you are awarded with a higher ranking position in search engines.

The more links you have pointing at your site, the more visibility you have in search engines, thus the more traffic you get on a daily basis. Earned media is the new word-of-mouth solution to marketing and one of the most cost-effective ways to increase ROI.



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