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Mobile Marketing Strategies by MasterMind Content


Digital Marketing in a Mobile-First World

The Magic of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing gets you closer to your customers and enables you to provide a personalised service across multiple channels. Now that mobile devices are central to modern lifestyles and mobile technology is changing user-behaviour, mobile marketing is an opportunity online businesses cannot afford to ignore.

Consumers are more connected than ever – even whilst on the move. And if your customers are on mobile, you should be too! Brands that embrace mobile marketing build better relationships.

By deploying tools of engagement such as SMS, geo-targeting, QR codes, mobile apps and responsive landing pages, mobile marketing strategies ping your customers and increase sales potential.

And mobile marketing is not just a passing phase. If anything mobile technologies will become even more important to the survival of online businesses. They are here to stay.

Furthermore, search engines and social media networks are catering to the user-experience of mobile users and a new culture of mobile shopping is developing quickly.

The rapid rate of the technological revolution is constantly heralding new platforms and channels of communication. Smartphones and tablets are leading the way, but wearables are on the brink of an explosion and will propel us into the future.

There are challenges ahead. But don’t worry, MasterMind Content is prepared for that too. And we suggest you strap in and get settled into the driving seat asap – it’s time to start publishing


Creating content for mobile users has to be succinct, accessible and useful. Adding a personalised touch shows your human side and improves your customer retention program.

MasterMind Content take the hint from Google and design intent driven micro-moments that are digestible on small screens and relevant to consumers on the go.

We publish intelligently crafted rich media on social networks to raise brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. By creating interactive content within native apps we strengthen emotional bonds with your customers.

Trust is a major leverage for modern businesses, and mobile marketing can help you forge long-lasting relationships with customers both online and offline.

We have a rack of brilliant mobile marketing strategies and with a touch of creative flair, take advantage of modern devices. Not only that, but we monitor customer behaviours and devise appropriate marketing campaigns that incorporate


People want convenience. And brands that offer straight-forward solutions that enable people to buy goods quickly and easily not only attract customers but increase your chances of retaining them.

Mobile technologies such as SMS and GPS give you the power to draw customers to your physical and online store with teasing offers. And when you offer bargains people cannot resist, you increase your chances of scoring a conversion and boosting your profit margins.

The statistics show text message marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the digital world. SMS messaging has an exceptionally high read rate and can be used for increasing brand awareness, generation leads and retaining customers.

And you can even use mobile technologies to improve the in-store experience by using QR codes and mobile wallets which makes it possible for customers to learn more about a product and buy products in-store without having to queue.

There’s also more to mobile than technology and marketing strategies; mobile content can be used to inform, entertain and excite, and forward-thinking businesses can take advantage of mobile technology and consumer behaviour by developing a native


In a mobile-first world, apps have been promoted from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have. Apps are advantageous for delivering engaging content, increasing brand recognition and strengthening customer bonds by providing useful data people want.

Mobile apps are not ideal for every business of course, but for companies that can add value to the lives of people by creating a mobile app, they are an essential marketing tool.

It is estimated that around three-quarters of the world’s population own a mobile device. With the web’s capacity to reach local customers and cross international borders, the opportunities to attract new audiences and improve search engine standings cannot be ignored.

Furthermore, mobile marketing is still a relatively new concept. Embracing mobile in its infant stages gives you an advantage over your competitors by capturing a bigger share of the market.

Take advantage of our mobile marketing strategies


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