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The quickest way to online visibility

Paid ads jumpstart your online marketing

We’re as sick as you that paid advertising dominates digital marketing strategies. We prefer organic methods. But it was inevitable that online marketing would head down the paid ad route – because the masters of the internet want your money. But ambitious brands that do embrace PPC strategies do feel the benefits. Your ads are placed in front of buyers and enable you to build a loyal customer base. Ultimately, PPC is an option that helps your business survive.

The free ride may be over, but the good news is paid advertising does offer huge benefits – especially to new starters and firms with low online visibility. If you have the budget, the best way to raise your online profile is to take advantage of sponsored ads in search engines, social media or both.

Our team of PPC experts are AdWords specialists and targeting the right customers can make an immediate impact to your SEO strategy. Paid advertising is the fast-track method to page one of search engines and gives you direct access to searchers with buyer intent.

If you are as ambitious and driven as we are, you will find that paid search marketing will pay dividends by building a core base of customers which give you a steady stream of income and increase your


If nobody can find your website in organic search results you are losing customers to your competitors. And if you don’t rank on the first page of search engines results your opportunities to attract buyers and convert sales is limited.

Even social media networks have cut the supply line to consumers. With only a small percentage of followers receiving your content, paid advertising provides a solution to broaden your reach and build a loyal audience much more quickly.

The only way to make an impression online is to be visible. And sponsored ads get your brand name and products in front of consumers. Furthermore, paid search attracts customers with buyer intent and paid social media marketing matches your products with customers that are most likely to buy based on their interests. Both methods have the capacity to increase your ROI and boost


We’ll be perfectly honest with you here. Organic SEO typically takes several months before you start to see results. In the early days of an online marketing campaign, traffic is notoriously slow and there is little to show for your investment.

In the meantime, paid search provides a solution to drive traffic to your website and engage an audience. With our premium content to grace your landing pages, we encourage customers to explore your website and improve organic rankings.

Search engines award websites with higher rankings when customers interact with a brand. Not only does our compelling content keep readers on the page, it keeps them coming back for more.

We can therefore use paid listings as a portal to your website and help you climb search engine rankings quicker than it takes to grow organically. Once you are visible in search engine results, you will be glad you took advantage of our


Search engine algorithms are so sophisticated they excel in matching targeted keywords with search intent. It is therefore possible to ascertain where consumers are in the purchasing path.

With this in mind we create landing pages that provide information specific content or access to other relevant content that helps prospects make a decision and take the next step in their customer journey with you.

Whilst it is true that you can attempt AdWords and paid social campaigns for yourself, PPC requires specialist knowledge and our paid search marketing team has years of experience. In short, we can save you a lot of time, money and frustration. When your website has online visibility your business can start earning immediately.

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