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Social Media Marketing by MasterMind Content


Harness the power of social media and get to know your customers

Social media strategies that improve brand loyalty

There is no better platform than social media to get close to your customers and learn more about the needs and preferences of your audience. Online users are more inclined to engage with brands that have a social presence they can relate to. And social media is a great channel for connecting with  people on an emotional level and interacting with them directly and promptly.

This is not a myth: social media marketing can drive traffic to your website, promote brand awareness, improve online visibility, develop trust and build customer loyalty. All of which increase revenue.

But before you get too excited and cream in your undergarments, here’s a bucket of cold water: social media does not work for every online business.

There’s an art to it as well. But don’t worry, we’ve got that mastered. And once you know how to achieve results and utilise social media networks in ways that benefit your business and your customers, you have a powerful digital marketing platform that presents huge opportunities.

We can help you with that. No matter what your feelings are towards social networks, MasterMind Content will put a winning strategy together that puts the fun back into socialising online and will teach you the tricks that explain why and how to benefit from


We understand your reluctance to network digitally. But look at it this way; you can’t meet all your followers in person and persuade them to buy your products and services. That’s why social networks are so useful.

Social media gives people a chance to catch up with their mates and do a bit of shopping whilst they sip on a glass of chardonnay. Or coffee. And once their mates have entertained them, they want to dip into interesting content, look at inspirational images and funny pictures. Or cute photos of babies and animals.

But what we most like about social media networks is they provide brands with a platform on which you can build relationships with your customers by offering advice and assistance or providing a customer service that demonstrates a human touch to your virtual presence.

And once you start to reap the rewards for your marketing efforts, you will recognise the value of social networks – and you might even enjoy using them! But rather than bore you with specifics now, let’s get straight into how we promote your brand on


As a bare minimum, social media networks are useful for raising brand awareness. It requires interaction with followers, connecting with influencers and publishing engaging content your audience can interact with. You also need to attract the right followers.

Our little socialites will take care of that for you. We will develop effective ways of communication that makes people feel they are more than just another customer. We want to build a brand culture and show people you care about them – so make them feel special.

Although major platforms like Facebook and Twitter (and the rest will follow) have introduced algorithm feeds to throttle organic reach and encourage businesses to buy paid ad space, social media marketing is not six feet under.

Any opportunity to place your content in front of online users gives you increased visibility, and by publishing content with personality you will improve brand recognition, develop a loyal band of customers and


Every interaction you exchange on social platforms generates a lead that could result in a conversion. Engaging followers is akin to smooching. It’s networking online. And this is where the code of conduct comes into play. Don’t dive in with a hard sell. Social users don’t like that. Nor will they accept it. Selling is how you lose customers.

Social networking online follows the same principles as social networking offline. You have to pay attention to people and impress them. It’s human nature. To increase conversions, you have to give followers the information they need and our social media marketing strategies offer a personal touch people are grateful for.

If you become more helpful than a Samaritan and guide people to do what they have to do, they will appreciate your integrity and keep coming back. Good people are loyal to good companies. And don’t worry, ve have vays of making zem talk – it’s called


If there is one danger to social media marketing, one slip up can cause negative comments. On the other hand, a personalised customer service strategy will leave customers feeling happy and their comments help to build an excellent brand reputation.

Because you can interact with customers in real-time, you can be on their wall in an instant to defuse a crisis and ease their angst. Companies that respond quickly to resolve upsets earn kudos from customers. People will forgive you for making a mistake. They won’t respect you if you don’t admit to it.

Customer analysis is also essential and as part of our social media strategy we build customer profiles so that you can better target the right audience with the right offer. And you can get to learn a lot about your customers when you connect with them. People appreciate the personal touch.

Socialising is fun. Social media can be fun too. So if your social media marketing strategies need a refresh, get in touch and let’s have a chat about it.

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