“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realise this, and you
will find strength.” ~ Marcus Aurelius


Our mindfulness process starts with you. To master the mind you need a desire to improve your character and the willpower to improve your quality of life. MasterMind Content give you the tools to manage stress and teach you varying degrees of expanding consciousness, but ultimately it is your responsibility to put them to best use. The good news is, our mindfulness process is straight-forward and can be incorporated into your every day life with little disruption to your usual routine. You will not believe how something this powerful and life-changing can be so easy to learn.

Do you have moments when you are besieged by internal chatter? You know, the voice in your head that doesn’t know when to shut-up. Buddhist monks call this chatter the monkey mind. And the monkey is not your friend.

The monkey mind talks incessantly, often repeating the same things over and over again, reliving situations you wished you had handled better. You do this because said situation has stressed you out and pushed your buttons the wrong way. Furthermore, your mind is programmed to believe you are right. You may even feel angered and frustrated by the sense of injustice.

Our MasterMind programs explain how the mind works. You will learn about neural networks that carry information from your brain to your body and affects how you to think, act and feel. You will also learn how you mind has been shaped by your past experiences and ultimately hard-wired to see the world from your perspective.

If you are like the majority of the world’s population, your perception is limited and your mind has been programmed with negative emotions. The brain is a super computer and you probably have a virus. I say this with confidence because I used to suffer from the same mental disorders most other people suffer – and probably with greater severity. My life was a shambles and I felt like a complete failure.

However, after years of research into ancient philosophy, psychology, quantum mechanics, neuroscience and esoteric symbolism, I procured ways to overcome my shortfalls and devised a series of mind altering programs that reshaped my patterns of thinking and gave me the capacity to reach my full potential.

Neuroscientists studying a breakthrough science known as neuroplasticity demonstrate that you have innate powers to unlock your mental prison and reverse your patterns of thoughts. By practicing conscious awareness you will learn to cultivate positive thoughts and emotions. When you do this you will find the same cycles in life that bring you bad luck start to change and life becomes so much easier.

The tools we use in our MasterMind program train you to develop mindful awareness and bring the monkey under your control. Far too often your mind is in control of you. Learning our mindful awareness techniques will give you the power to ward off stress and induce a state of relaxation.

But not only that, we teach you how to harness the power of your mind and give your life a sense of direction. The first step of our mindfulness process is to teach you how to manage stress. Then we help you determine your destiny and show you how to manifest your desires through the simple means of stating your


When you define your life’s purpose and set an intention for what you want to achieve, you create a path that enables you to focus on the things you need in life. Being consciously aware of your destiny helps to steer you safely towards a successful outcome. This takes practice, patience and determination, but you will have fun learning.

Having a direction in life makes it is easier to identify which way to go when you have a decision to make. Learning how to think with clarity will help you acquire the right knowledge and guidance that helps decision making become much easier.

Developing mindful awareness gives you more focus, and you will notice more opportunities that help you along the path just fall into your lap. If you have the confidence to grasp the opportunity with both hands and trust in your innate abilities and intuition, success becomes second nature.

Before you reach that state of consciousness however, you need to discover and learn the techniques that give you the ability to increase conscious awareness and


Our mindfulness process introduces you to various techniques that help relieve stress, still the mind and narrow your focus. We do not recommend any one particular exercise as not everybody will respond to the same technique in the same way. It depends on your preference and you should adopt several for varius times of the day.

But don’t worry, we have something for everyone. The information we provide to help you master mind content is flexible enough to accommodate many preferences and our advanced mindfulness process is guaranteed to help steer you in the right direction towards self-discovery.

Our mindfulness process includes a 9-step program which is designed to ease executive stress and manage anxiety. You also have the option to participate in our 7-step mindful awareness program which you can enjoy in either group sessions, private consultation or a combination of the two. The final stage of our mindfulness process is the advanced program which teaches you how the law of attraction works so you can manifest your goals at will.

We recommend starting with the 9-step executive stress control program, and moving on to either the 7-step program or advanced program when you feel the benefits. Engaging in the advanced mindfulness process takes you deeper into your subconscious mind and pulls out the innate powers which enable you to fulfil your potential.

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